CPE Via Annual Webcast Pass

There are several companies that provide CPE both in-person and online. Surprisingly, one of the best values on the market is not well known to those in the audit industry, i.e., the Annual Webcast Pass.

The AICPA has been offering its Annual Webcast Pass for several years. The Annual Webcast Pass offers more than 500 webcasts covering various topics from forensic accounting, fraud, internal controls, COSO, etc. as well as financial planning, tax, cash management, revenue recognition, leasing, supply chain, and many other courses. You can see their list of webcasts via this link.

Their courses are provided via video and generally come with a set of slides and a manual. Both the slides and the manuals are very detailed and provide a wealth of information and are excellent reference guides.

The cost for AICPA members is $549 and $659 for non-members. The AICPA also offers a group price via this link. At these prices, the break even point can easily be obtained between two and three webcasts if you were to purchase the courses separately from the AICPA.

The instructors are very knowledgeable in their topics and present the topics very well. The webcasts require participants to click on an attendance check throughout the course. Participants are also allowed to ask questions during the webcasts. Once the webcast is completed, the participants can then download their CPE certificate. Highly recommend that auditors and others consider the AICPA Annual Webcast Pass for the CPE requirements.